Cynthia D. Haney in front of her lathe holding a top whorl drop spindle that she made with the skew chisel.  Sweater hand knit from yarn entirely spindle spun and plied by her on her own hand turned spindles.

I am Cynthia D. Haney wood turner and owner of Cynthia Wood Spinner. I turn wood on my lathe, pictured above, and carve it by hand. Away from the workshop I spin with my drop spindles, knit, crochet, and sew.

Email is a great way to contact me:
Snail mail:
Cynthia D. Haney
1601 Falling Rock Dr.
Amherst, VA 24521
Located in the community of Tye River, Nelson County, Virginia, USA
Phone: 1-434-282-8461

About the Spindles

All my top whorl drop spindles are fully handmade with a hand bent and hammered copper hook, varnish finish, a guide notch on the whorl, signed, numbered, and labeled with the weight and date made. The bottom whorl drop spindles have a bronze hook. Spindles through number 197 have the weight marked in increments of 1/4 oz. Spindles number 198 and up have more precise weight marked. All are designed, crafted, and finished by myself as unique functional art. No mechanical or computerized duplicating machines are used in the making of these spindles. I personally test spin them all. I will only sell a spindle if I find it enjoyable to use. I will reject materials at any stage of the process to ensure an heirloom quality spindle for you.

For picking a spindle from the selection weight is important for the yarn you can spin and the shaft plays a major role in spinning comfort. The Trunk size has my thickest shaft ~3/8" diameter and generally are on the longer side, 10" - 12". This lets you have plenty of room for the cop, spun yarn wound on shaft, and your hand. Branch size all have ~1/4" diameter shafts typically from 8" - 12". Shorter is good when spinning seated and the thinner shaft is easier to start with a fast flick. Twig size all have ~1/4" diameter shafts 7" long and are very light weight tiny whorls great for spinning extra thin. In general the lighter the spindle the finer a single it will easily spin. However even on the heaviest spindle listed a moderately thin single is possible, such that a two ply would become DK to worsted weight yarn. The other direction is not as flexible, trying to spin a chunky style thick yarn on a spindle lighter than an ounce is asking for frustration. New spinners see my Intro to Drop Spindle tutorial.

All the wood I buy is as sustainably sourced and local as possible. Then I try to find good uses for the parts of boards not suited to spindle use. All the shavings mulch my garden.

Spindle Maintenance

I always glue the whorl to the shaft to prevent it becoming loose from seasonal wood movement. I finish with a semi gloss polyurethane varnish so no oiling or waxing is necessary. If you spin in the grease you can use a dish soap dampened cloth followed by a water damp soap removal wipe, just don't submerge in water or leave wet. *Ebony and some other exotic whorls get a different finish, wet those at your own risk.

If you drop the spindle on the hook or it gets bent watch the spin first to see if a correction is necessary. The spindle should hang with the shaft centered under the leader. When a wobble is apparent during normal spinning you will need to straighten the hook. To do so: hold the end of the shaft pinched in your fingers and gently nudge the hook with your thumb towards center. Soft small corrections are best. Each adjustment should be followed by a test spin to see if the wobble is removed.
Please if your spindle is damaged or giving you trouble I want to know.


My business, Cynthia Wood Spinner, is licensed in Nelson County, VA and registered for Virginia Sales Tax. As a result Virginia sales have 5.3% tax added.

All orders start with an email or phone call
Let me know what you want and where it will be shipped. I will confirm availability and details. I update the store as tools sell so it should be accurate except the week following a festival.

Wood changes color over time, this may take many years. In most cases I can describe the probable final color. Any metal such as spindle hooks also changes color as patina develops.


I accept credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, or PayPal.

For your protection all card payments are processed through PayPal's secure system. You don't need a PayPal account. I have PayPal email you an invoice which directs you how to pay using your card. PayPal notifies me when you pay. Then I ship your order.

If you mail me a check or money order once it clears I ship your order.
Either way I still need time for driving to the Post Office.

If you need to use an Etsy gift card I can list your item in that store.


Free Standard Shipping to all 50 states on any item in the store.
International orders are welcome. Shipping would be actual cost via USPS. Any customs fees, and additional taxes would be your responsibility.

Custom Orders:

Shipping or pick up is your responsibility on custom work. All custom orders require at least a $20 nonrefundable deposit up to half the expected price. I cannot guarantee an exact spindle weight until it is finished I will keep you informed during the process.
Email me with your request including type of tool, preference for wood(s), size, shape, weight, and intended use. Let me know if you have a specific time frame in mind. I will contact you to clarify details, price, deposit, and timing. It helps if you say what you like about the tools I have already made. Use the gallery for ideas. Once I receive your deposit I will get to your order as soon as possible. When your item(s) is ready I will contact you for final payment and shipping confirmation. The only way you would lose your deposit is if you decline to complete the order, and don't pay the final payment, or are unreachable for three months upon completion. If either occurs I will instead try to sell the item(s) in my store.


I have opened a shop with Etsy a convenient way for you to access my work. Tools listed there are exclusive to the Etsy store.

Mailing List

Please email me: to join the list. If you want off at any time just say the word. See privacy below. Joining gets you a monthly newsletter not a flood of mail. The newsletter is the first place to hear about new tools, shop news, festivals, and any sales. Being more an artist than a retailer sales are infrequent. However the most recent one was exclusive to the newsletter.

Social Media

I have started a Facebook Page. More pictures and information can be found there. Likes and shares are appreciated.

If you use Pinterest find me there also. This is a great way to show off your collection or dream collection of my work. Easy pin buttons are on every picture here on the website.

Follow me on Instagram @Cynthia_Wood_Spinner


Interview as seen on TV of Cynthia turning a drop spindle, spinning, and knitting. Video listed as Cynthia D. Haney, Wood Turner and is 4 minutes long.

Tutorials by Cynthia

Photo Tutorial on using a Nostepinne.

Photo Tutorial on winding a plying ball.

Photo Tutorial Intro to Drop Spindle Spinning.

Festivals seem me in person

Local festival in early October at James Madison's Montpelier where you can find my booth. Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia. I have been there with at least my drop spindles since 2012.

Near Asheville, NC in late October Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. I am vending since 2017 in the Davis Arena

Local festival the end of April just outside of Richmond, Virginia. Another place you can find my booth. Powhatan's Festival of Fiber


Wonderful online community for knitters and crocheters also includes other fiber crafts. My Rav id is TyeRiver

A helpful spinning resource. Abby's Yarns

Nothing is better than getting to spin in person and learn from each other. My local group is Central Virginia Fiberarts Guild we meet monthly in Charlottesville, Virginia. Formerly named Whirling Whorls.
I also joined Clotho's Handspinners the spinning guild out of Richmond, Virginia.

Other Links of Possible Interest

Before I had my own booth at festivals a local fiber farming friend sold them in hers through 2014. Hope of Glory Farm

I share workshop space with my father, Thomas Haney, a fine artist. His work is surrealistic and phantasmagorical. He sculpts wood and mixed media as well as paints in acrylics. See for yourself Thomas Haney's Fine Art Gallery


I keep my privacy policy very simple if I don't want it done to me I won't do it with your information. I don't collect your info to share with others and never would sell it. Any records I keep are only as needed for tax purposes and to improve my service to you. Long version of the policy. I have realized a mailing list would be useful. I do offer an email newsletter. I only add you if you ask. I will never send email that reveals your address to others on the list. Even on the list I only send out my newsletter once a month. All online payments are processed through PayPal's merchant system, as secure as I can find, their privacy policy can be found on your invoice, payment screen, or receipt. I never see your payment information.

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