Cynthia Wood Spinner

Drop Spindles Twig Sized
by Cynthia D. Haney

An example of the different sized drop spindles handmade by Cynthia D. Haney.  Front to back are Spindle Ornament, Twig Spindle, Branch Spindle, and Trunk Spindle.
A visual comparison for the various drop spindle sizes. Starting in the front the smallest is a Spindle Ornament in Quilted Maple on Curly Ash, next is a Twig Spindle in Osage Orange on Curly Ash, then a Branch Spindle in Spalted Boxelder on Cherry, finally the largest a Trunk Spindle in Quilted Maple on Walnut.

For Sale

Handturned top whorl drop spindle of Quilted Maple and Sycamore by Cynthia D. Haney for spinning lace yarn signed number 182.
Spindle number 182 Twig size top whorl drop spindle. The whorl is Quilted Maple on a Sycamore 1/4" x 7" shaft weight 0.36 oz. $69
Handmade top whorl drop spindle for handspinning lace yarn from Beech and Walnut by Cynthia D. Haney spindle maker, signed number 180.
Spindle number 180 Twig size top whorl drop spindle. The whorl is Beech on a Walnut 1/4" x 7" shaft weight 0.49 oz. $69
Top whorl drop spindle hand turned from Beech and Sycamore signed number 178 by Cynthia D. Haney.
Spindle number 178 Twig size top whorl drop spindle. The whorl is Beech on a Sycamore 1/4" x 7" shaft weight 0.45 oz. $69

All the spindles both whorl and shaft are fully hand turned by Cynthia D. Haney. Hooks are shaped, hammered, and polished copper, by Cynthia using her original design. The whorls have a notch to guide the yarn to the hook. Each spindle is numbered, marked with its weight and the date, signed by Cynthia, then receives multiple coats of protective varnish. Pictures are taken against white fabric in case your device shows otherwise.

Please e-mail me to buy. This page features my twig sized spindles with ~ 1/4" diameter shafts.
Larger branch size spindles, trunk size spindles, display stands, spindle and stand sets, and spindle ornaments are for sale. I also make crochet hooks, hand turned bowls, yarn related tools, and other fiber tools.

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