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Gallery Drop Spindles Number 201 and above

A showcase of signed numbered finished drop spindles by Cynthia D. Haney.

Enjoy watching how my work has progressed since I started turning in 2011. Get ideas for what you might like to order. Everything pictured here has already sold. Shop in the store for available work.

Drop Spindles

While most of the spindles I have made and sold are here, those without a quality picture are excluded. Earlier drop spindles are on additional pages. Sets with display stands have their own page. The store has everything actually for sale.

Luxury spindle hand turned from rare Gaboon Ebony with natural sapwood accents for the whorl, Curly Ash shaft, and Sterling Silver hook by Cynthia D. Haney.
Luxury drop spindle signed number 205 the whorl is Gaboon Ebony with unique sapwood making the contrasting white areas. The shaft is Curly Ash and hook Sterling Silver. Size looks like my Twig range with the ~7" long shaft and narrow whorl however due to the density of the Ebony it weighs 0.83 oz. SOLD

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