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Drop Spindle Sets by Cynthia D. Haney

Handcrafted top whorl drop spindle in a display stand, hand turned from Tulip Poplar and Maple wood by Cynthia D. Haney.
Spindle # 164 Drop spindle and display stand set with whorl and stand in Tulip Poplar, the green color will change to rich brown shades in time, on a Maple 8 3/4" x 1/4" shaft. 1 oz. 29g $139

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NOTE: Due to family travel all orders placed from June 23 to July 11, 2019 will not be shipped until July 11, 2019. I will contact you by email if this affects your purchase.

Spindle & Stand Sets

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Hand crafted and turned high whorl drop spindle made from Beech and Walnut by Cynthia D. Haney
Spindle # 168 set of drop spindle and display stand the whorl and stand are Beech and the 10" x 1/4" shaft is Walnut. 1.19 oz. 34g $139
Handcrafted, handturned, and handmade Drop spindle and display stand set used to spin yarn, DIY, created by Cynthia D. Haney in Walnut and Ash woods
Spindle # 169 set with matching display stand, whorl and stand are Walnut while the shaft, 10" x 1/4" is Ash. 0.76 oz. 22g $139

All the spindles and stands are fully hand made by Cynthia D. Haney. All the shafts and whorls are hand turned. The hooks are custom shaped hammered and polished copper. The whorls have a notch to help guide the yarn to the hook. Each spindle is numbered, marked with its weight and the date, signed by Cynthia, then receives multiple coats of protective varnish. Pictures are taken against white fabric in case your device shows otherwise.

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