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Yarn Tools by Cynthia D. Haney

Hand turned Niddy-Noddy from Walnut and Maple woods for winding half yard, 18 inch, sample size skeins of yarn.  Made by Cynthia D. Haney with a handle for comfortable use. For sale at Cynthia Wood Spinner
Niddy-noddy hand turned from Walnut and Maple with a comfortable handle. To make a 18" sample size skein of yarn.

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A nostepinne is a stick for winding balls of yarn. With a small bit of practice you can easily make center pull balls allowing access to either end of the strand. Directions here.

Nostepine or Nospinne is a ball winding stick for diy yarn cake creation.  Handturned from Tulip Poplar wood by Cynthia D. Haney
Nostepinne hand turned from Tulip Poplar.


You use a Niddy-noddy to wind skeins of yarn. My first instructional video is available.

Mini Skein Size 12"

Niddy-noddy handturned from Cherry wood for making mini skeins of yarn for swapping and sampling, used to wrap a 12 inch hank.
Niddy-noddy hand turned from Cherry with a handle for easy use. For winding 12" size skein of yarn.

Sample Skein Size 18"

Niddy-noddy for winding a skein that is 18 inches or half a yard long.  Handmade from Tulip Poplar wood by Cynthia D. Haney.  For sale at Cynthia Wood Spinner
Niddy-noddy hand turned from Tulip Poplar with a comfortable handle. To make a 18" skein of yarn.

Full Size 2 yard

Niddy-Noddy hand turned from Walnut and Tulip Poplar woods by Cynthia D. Haney for winding full size 2 yard skeins of yarn into hanks.
Niddy-noddy hand turned from Walnut and Tulip Poplar, to make a 2 yard skein of yarn.

The Niddy-Noddy is a tool for winding skeins of yarn. Great for finishing hand spun yarn and for preparing to dye yarn. Available for custom order in most woods email for info.

As for using a Niddy-Noddy if the motions get confusing there are both various web tutorials and directions in most spinning books. I have pictures of them in use on the fiber page showing some of my hand spindle spun yarn. Once you have all of your yarn wrapped on the niddy-noddy, just count the wraps. If you are using the full size 2 yd. niddy-noddy multiply by two for your yardage. If you are using the 18" sample size niddy-noddy divide by 2 for your yardage. With the mini 12" niddy-noddy divide your number of wraps by 3 for yardage.

Wraps Per Inch Tools

The WPI tool is used for measuring yarn thickness. You do this by winding the yarn around one of the sections. Each strand touching the next until there is no more room. Then you count the wraps and if you used the 1" you have your measurement for wraps per inch. The tool also has a 2" and 1/2" section which helps when measuring thick and thin yarn respectively. By winding the yarn on to measure you get a more accurate result as you are not adding or subtracting twist in the process. Great to help identify the correct yarn for a project or to gauge the result of your hand spinning. A brass eye on the end of the tool allows you to add a loop of yarn for hanging. All have notches to help keep the yarn tail in place while you wrap, also some are available without the hanger. Regularly available in any wood I use for turning spindle shafts

Wraps Per Inch Tool hand turned by Cynthia D. Haney used for measuring yarn in weaving, spinning, knitting, and crochet.
WPI Tool in Quilted Maple with 1/2", 1", and 2" sections.

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